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hair structure


Hair Structure Consists Of:

Hair Follicle:

Hairfollicle: small cavity made up of keratinocytes and melanocytes that extend in dermis.

From this organ, the hair root develops with a progressive accumulation of keratinocytes continuously dividing in the hair matrix of the bulb.

Melanocytes located in the bulb produce melanin and transfer it to the surrounding keratinocytes. It will provide the constitutive hair color.

Hair Shaft: 

Hairshaft: visible part above skin consist of an accumulation of keratinized pigmented keratinocytes of hair follicle (cells gradually lose their nucleus and become filled with keratin, a hard protein). The melanin is in the cortex.

Pigmentation starts in the bulb
at the same time as hair grows


Why Hair Varies From Blonde to Black?

Hari shaft
Transverse section of hair shaft
  • The natural color of hair is due to the presence of melanin all along the shaft in the middle layer (cortex)
  • Color shade depends on the variable amounts and distribution of 2 types of melanin (genetically programmed): eumelanin (black-brown pigments) vs. pheomelanin (red-yellow pigments)

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Greying Hair Process = Gradual Loss of Melanin